Testifying as an expert witness, or simply consulting as an expert consultant, can be stressful. This is even true for those of us with decades of experience. The entire legal process has as many subtleties as your specific profession, and you’ll be much more effective if you understand as many of these elements in advance. Your expertise won’t count for anything if a sharp lawyer successfully disqualifies you or your opinion and testimony. Bring your questions to me, either in advance of or during your experience as an expert witness. I will share knowledge gained since 1986 as both an expert witness and consultant.

My Coaching Services:

  • Answers to questions you have.
  • Advice on questions you haven’t considered.
  • Strategic analysis of your voice, demeanor, and potential testimonial appearance.
  • Review of your marketing materials and website.
  • Guidance on fees, invoices, and collections.
  • Direction on better report writing and opinion presentation.

Bottom Line Results:

  • You’ll feel more prepared for depositions and trial.
  • You’ll be more credible and more persuasive when testifying.
  • You’ll improve your confidence level ¬†with client attorneys.
  • You’ll feel less stress when testifying or meeting with attorneys.
  • You’ll develop a clearer understanding of legal requirements, testimonial demands, and opposing attorney traps.

CALL me now at 541-708-1405 to discuss my telephone and Skype coaching services. Although my expert witness services cost attorneys $350/hour with a $1,000 minimum, my coaching services to you only cost $100/hour (minimum fee for up to one hour coaching consultation).