Expert Witness Book

Expert Witness Training Book by Judd Robbins

  • Learn how to add ‘Expert Witness’ to your credentials. The book contains lessons, appendices, and a detailed glossary that can all be used as references during your own expert witness work.
  • Learn the A-B-Cs of earning high hourly rates in support of litigation in your current specialty!
  • Learn from Judd Robbins – Successful expert witness in State, Federal, and International Courts since 1986

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  • “I just wanted to tell you that Judd Robbins’ book, Expert Witness Training – Profit From Your Experience, is the best book on the topic I have read in over 20 years.
    It is concise and to the point, yet it covers a great many topics while still being readable. I highly recommend it.”
  • “…I made a course at my (Spanish) University about Computer Forensics and Witnessing and my teacher told us that is the only book that really worth it…José in Spain.”
  • “What a treasure of information! I was bowled over by how complete, thorough, and easy to understand this tactical book for expert witnesses is. I learned some things I did not know and got different viewpoints on the expert’s role in the legal process. Consequently, I will be recommending that every client of mine purchase this book.Thanks. The Judd Robbins book was outstanding!”
  • Review from the American Association of Law Librarians
  • “The lessons on preparing for a deposition and giving testimony at trial are priceless.”
  • “This is exactly the kind of insider knowledge that I wish I had prior to my depo yesterday! However, I will be much better prepared for trial thanks to you.”
  • “The book is an invaluable resource for those entering into the expert witness field as well as an excellent reference book for the seasoned expert.”
  • “The book is very coherent and easy to understand.”
  • “The books format written in 12 Lessons was as if Judd was in the room teaching his vast experience as an expert witness.”
  • “Thanks. The Judd Robbins book was outstanding!”